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    PET sheet die extrusion sheet die
    PET Sheet die series and co-extrusion die feed block,indcluding dies for producing optical sheet,light guide plate,stationery sheet,board for producing refrigerator and bathtub,PVC foamed board and so on. Ranging among the world leading twin-screw extruder producers, Batte has manufactured a dedicated PET processing machine ready for testing within a few weeks. From the very beginning, results proved to be definitely encouraging for both Bandera and its customers. By the end of 1999, the first P
    batte sheet die
    The production of Sheet Dies is one of the most diverse segments of the extrusion industry, in terms of width, thickness and polymers. Allied Dies offers the products and experience to serve the varied industries, including thermoformed packaging, appliance, automotive, home building and construction.We coat feedscrews for a number of processors that extrude PVC through pipe and sheet dies. As PVC degrades, hydrochloric acid can result which corrodes steel and removes chrome plating.In coat-hang
    t-die extrusion lamination
    Laminations Feamold t-die extrusion lamination manufactures a wide variety of Extrusion Lamination Plants. Width Range - 600 mm to 4500 mm Melt Output - 30 kg/hr to 300 kg/hr Line Speed upto 40 m/min Options/Features Single and t-die extrusion lamination Plants Variety of Substrates - Woven/ Non-woven fabric, Paper, Paper Board, etc. Choose between In-line and Transverse Layout Motorized Lifting for Extruder / Lamination Station Variety of T-Die and Coat- Hanger Die designs with internal and ext
    Single Screw Screw Feeding Systems
    1. Application of Single Screw Screw Feeding Systems In the extrusion processing, it is common to add many material (such as color, flame retardant, glass fiber and so on) into extruder. In the process of continuous extrusion production, various material should be added to extruder continuously synchronized. And the adding speed of these materials should depend on corresponding formula, so metering feeder is necessary to control the adding speed. And one metering feeder control one material. Los
    automatic liquid feeder for chemical
    A automatic liquid feeder for chemical comprising a hopper for holding liquid chemical. A feed tube extends from the hopper and is for delivering liquid chemical to a mixing tank. A first solenoid actuator is provided for controlling the opening and closing of a first solenoid actuated gate that is disposed in the feed tube. A second solenoid actuator is provided for controlling the opening and closing of a downstream second solenoid actuated gate disposed in the feed tube. A central controller
    continuous gravimetric feeder
    continuous gravimetric feeder Application Our weigh belt feeder is used in continuous gravimetric feeding for solid materials. It can also be used in batch gravimetric feeding and continuous metering for solid materials. It is widely used in plastic pelletizing, BOPP film, chemistry, detergent, food, fodder and other industries. continuous gravimetric feeder Introduction EBF series of weigh belt feeders are system equipment providing continuous conveying, dynamic weighing and feeding control for
    automatic loss in weight feeder
    Stretch film automatic loss in weight feeder unit has automatic flexible roll changing functions; that is, automatic cutting and roll changing. The whole machine, controlled by PLC. A automatic loss in weight feeder for discharging a flowable material from a reservoir through a controllable discharge member, including a closed loop controller configured to compare the actual rate at which material is discharged from the reservoir to a desired discharge rate. During the refill mode of operation,
    Dosing loss in weight feeder systems
    With the rapid development of industrial production,the solid constant feeding system which is a practical technology has been widely used in metallurgy, chemicals, cement, building materials, food and as well as other industry circles. So, in this situation, the demand of constant feeder is increasingly augmented. This system adopts the electromagnetic valve and flowmeter feeder as the constant feeding device, the feeder achieves the goal of constant feeding by controlling the flow. The PLC con
    Loss-in-weight measurement in plastic modification operations
    A brief description of the mixture In the processing of plastic materials, we often need to be a certain ratio of the synthetic resin base materials and other necessary accessories (such as slag, glass fiber) and additives (such as plasticizers, flame retardants, antioxidants , Nucleating agent, etc.) into the compounding extruder. This formula-based process is called plastic compounding. Plastic compounding dates back to the birth of celluloid in 1870. Since then, with the plastic coloring, ble
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