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Loss in weight feeder application range

Loss in weight feeder Product features 1, the only high-tech product in China that adopts precision weighing technology is up to + 1%. 2, the unique FIVDSP anti vibration technology, RS232/RS485 or CAN bus communication function. 3, 4*4 dust-free keyboard, easy to set, query various operation modes and parameters, operation is very convenient. 4, with self diagnostic function, high and low flow rate * *, low material report * *, broken material, blocking material (no material) reported * *. 5, c

How to use the loss-in-weight feeder correctly

1, the loss in weight feeder is to bring material to the skin, so we must check whether the belt is intact, whether it is loose, and whether it is moderately tight. Only if everything is normal can the production performance of machines be fully realized and the workload achieved. It wont damage the machine. 2, a lot of dust will be produced in the production of feed, which makes the control box paper accumulator accumulate a lot of dust. If it goes on, it will cause the internal short circuit b

Micro weight loss feeding machine features

Micro weight loss feeding machine features: 1. Micro weightlessness feeding machine adopts high-precision metering and high-precision steady flow. 2. Micro weightlessness feeder is especially suitable for small flow applications. 3. There is no delay in conveying time for the micro weightlessness feeder, which guarantees the accuracy of seconds to seconds. 4. The micro weightlessness feeder can automatically track the feeding accuracy during normal operation and automatically display the control

A stable and reliable continuous and intermittent feeding scheme

When the bulk density of the material is uniform, and the quality of the final product is not harsh to the feeding precision, the volume feeder provides a low cost and simple feeding scheme for the application of continuous and intermittent feeding. Volumetric feeder is often used in batch weight increasing applications, which makes feeding accuracy higher. When the precision requirements are very high, the screw feeder with load cell and weightless controller can raise the accuracy to a new lev

Twin screw volume feeder

The batte system twin screw volume feeder is widely used in various materials, including the volume feeding scheme for the powder, fiber and flake materials with poor fluidity. All parts contacting with the material are made of stainless steel. The feeder is easy to clean up and replace parts. The unique spherical bucket patent design makes the material flow evenly from all directions in the spherical hopper into the screw, effectively preventing the accumulation of material, and the horizontal

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