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Twin screw loss in weight feeder

Twin screw loss in weight feeder is suitable for pellet, powder, short fibers, and other feeding materials. This type loss-in-weight feeder feeding accuracy is ±0.5%, and the hopper can be cylindrical or conical hopper.

Micro loss in weight metering feeder

Micro loss in weight metering feeder is the most accurate feeders in the industry. This type loss-in-weight feeders are used to accurately weigh and control the output. Loss-in-weight feeding machine feeding accuracy is ±0.5%.

Single screw loss-in-weight feeder

As a kind of gravimetric screw feeders, single screw loss-in-weight feeder is easy to control, high degree of intelligence, screw form diversification, etc. Single screw weight-loss feeding machine screw types depends on the materials.

Micro loss-in-weight feeders

Micro loss-in-weight feeder is designed for high-accuracy low-rate feeding for powder materials, and it also called gravimetric loss in weight feeder or trace weight loss type feeding machine.

Twin screw loss in weight metering feeder

As metering screw feeder, double screw weight-loss metering feeding machine also called twin screw loss in weight metering feeder, is suitable for all kinds of powder particles, pellets material, poor fluidity, small sheet.

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