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How to deal with the large fluctuation of the loss-in-weight feeder?

Loss-in-weight feeder is a conveying equipment for bulk materials. On the one hand, the loss in weight feeder can transport fine materials with particle size below 5mm, and on the other hand, this equipment can also transport bulk materials with side length over 1m. It has the advantages of continuous and uniform transportation, adjustability and strong adaptability. Therefore, it is widely used in the processing production lines of materials in the building materials, metallurgy, electric power, coal, chemical casting and other industries. In the cement industry, it is used for bulk The transportation of limestone or gypsum from the bottom of the silo to the crusher plays the role of continuous and uniform feeding, which can greatly improve the work efficiency.

The working principle of the continuous gravimetric feeder is very simple. The main reason is that the plate feeder is powered by an electric motor, and passes through the reducer and the active sprocket device to drive the chain plate device to make continuous and uniform low-speed movement to achieve the purpose of conveying materials. How to deal with the large fluctuation of the weightless scale? Now, Bart will introduce it to you. The weightless scale adopts static measurement structure, cycle control mode, and high measurement accuracy. Widely used in glass, building materials, cement, plastics, smelting, mining, chemical and other industries. When using a loss-in-weight scale, due to various factors, it will be found that the material flow is unstable and fluctuates greatly, which in turn affects the normal operation of the production process. How to solve this phenomenon? let us see.

1. Check whether there is interference around the weightless scale, such as: whether the cable is fastened, whether there is foreign matter on the top cover, whether the doors and windows are open, and eliminate the relevant interference in time;

2. Check whether the material adheres to the warehouse wall, clean the powder in the measuring chamber, re-zero and perform static calibration;

3. Dynamic calibration of weightless scales;

4. Replace the load cell. Load cells are precision devices. The load exceeds its maximum value and is easily damaged. A warning sign of "No Climbing" should be hung around the scale body, and an isolation barrier should be set up.

loss in weight powder feeder

Then, the reasons for the large fluctuation of the weightless scale are as follows:

1. Whether the inverter works normally: confirm the control parameters, event records and alarm information of the inverter, and check whether the input and output of the inverter are tracked in real time.

2. Whether the feeding motor and screw work smoothly: check vibration and noise.

3. Whether the screw maintenance fixing platform is completely separated from the screw shell, and whether the weighing system is in contact with and adhered to surrounding objects.

4. Whether the feeding screw impeller is damaged, if damaged, it will affect the feeding uniformity. We found that the helical blades sometimes wear fast, and sometimes the blades are missing, which affects the stability of the helical feed.

5. Whether the soft connection between the weightless warehouse and the dry mine warehouse, the soft connection between the weightless warehouse and the breathing tube, and the soft connection between the screw and the collecting hopper are normal.

In summary, the above is the main content of how to deal with the large fluctuation of the weightless scale. When using the loss in weight powder feeder, you should also pay attention to whether the dry and wet state of the material meets the standard. When the humidity of the material is too high, the weight of the material will increase, which will not only affect the accuracy, but also cause a certain burden on the equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to master these maintenance knowledge in the process of using the loss-in-weight feeder.


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