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Improve the stability and feeding accuracy of loss-in-weight feeders

Loss-in-weight feeders are high-precision gravity feeding, whether feeding continuous mixers, rotary kilns or other processing equipment, accurate powder metering is the key to process control and to ensure high quality standard products. The loss-in-weight feeder is very suitable for the measurement of powder materials with good fluidity, such as fly ash, coal powder, etc. Widely used in building materials, cement, chemical industry, coal, mining, ceramics, glass, metallurgy, grain, fertilizer, feed, port, electric power, coking, environmental protection and other industries.

A gravimetric feeder measures material by weight, weighing out the required quantity of material as a batch, or feeding it at a constant mass over time. Gericke gravimetric feeders combine an optimised mechanical design, precise load detection and fine control to ensure the highest precision in all loss-in-weight compensating feeding applications. Taking into account the needs of the food and pharmaceutical industries, our loss-in-weight feeders are equipped with dedicated control units.

continuous gravimetric feeder

The loss-in-weight feeder adopts a patented product powder balance lock to ensure stable feeding. The dual control function is adopted to adjust the powder balance lock and the loss-in-weight feeder at the same time, which improves the measurement accuracy. Using high-precision digital weighing module, digital transmission technology, with simple lines, no adjustment components, high resolution, no signal attenuation, and strong anti-interference.

The controller of the loss-in-weight feeder mainly adopts touch display technology. The whole equipment adopts full Chinese color graphic display, and the guide operation mode is simple to operate and does not require memory. The powder material flows evenly in the half circumference of the inlet and outlet, and the weight of the material in the half circumference is accurately detected by the weighing sensor, and the weighing signal is converted to 0 by a high-precision digital transmitter on site. ~1 million numbers.

high accuracy loss in weight feeder

The loss-in-weight feeder adopts the digital transmission method to send the signal to the meter without attenuation. The meter calculates the instantaneous flow rate. The instantaneous flow rate is compared with the set flow rate, and the feeding amount of the feeding equipment is changed according to the difference to make the material flow rate. stabilized to the set flow. At the same time, the accumulated amount of material is calculated according to the instantaneous flow. The gravimetric feeder guarantees the highest precision in all loss-in-weight feeding applications.

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