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Talk about how to calibrate the weight loss feeder?

Loss-in-weight feeders are the main equipment in BATTE manufacturing. A loss-in-weight feeder is not a simple scale. So whats the difference between the weight loss scales? Loss-in-weight scales consist of a variety of devices, such as agitators, load cells, etc. After entering the calibration screen, start calibrating the high precision weightless scale. First, place a weight larger than 85% of the load cells capacity on the weightless scale body, and then enter the corresponding weight in the

Twin screw loss-in-weight feeder

The continuous twin-screw loss-in-weight feeder adopts the form of intermeshing twin-screw and vane twin-screw. The material is pushed out through two screws, and the top of the screw is equipped with horizontal and vertical stirring, which can improve the filling rate of the screw and avoid the situation of material bridging. occur. Features High precision material control and quick response, suitable for accurate metering and feeding in various occasions Tailor-made for each customer, a flow r

The weight loss feeder have what kind of characteristics

In many processing industries, the production process will be completed by loss in weight feeder . Although this kind of equipment is widely used, many users may not know enough about it. In fact, this equipment is not continuous working time, but through intermittent discharge to complete the process, compared with traditional equipment, the biggest difference is that this equipment can be in the hopper discharge control, so that the weight of materials can be accurately measured without any er

The Problem that Weightless Feeder Can't Start with Heavy Load

For the problem that weightlessness feeder cant start with heavy load, there are three ways to solve it. First, to reduce the impact of ore on weightlessness feeder, the traditional method is to reduce the inclination of the back wall of silo through experiments according to the specific conditions of each unit, but this method will make the material slide slowly and have adverse effects on production, so as not to affect production on the one hand, and on the other hand, to reduce the impact of

Leading Characteristics and Workflow of Weightlessness Feeder

Losin weight feeder leading features: common parameters can be set in the weighing process while checking the variety number, actual weight of the first scale and various accumulations; control functions such as feeding, secondary or tertiary feeding, bag clamping, bag patting and batch setting; various output functions can be optionally selected by the spare output port; reliable parameters after debugging can be stored and debugged. Number and recovery of factory parameters; 26 channels of swi

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