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    The companys feeding machine is suitable for all kinds of pellet feed, pill shaped material, powder, small film material, such as material handling, to ensure continuous and uniform accurate feeding. Product features: 1, the feeding machine
    Vibration device of loss in weight feeder
    loss in weight feedersilo selection should be based on the shape and material properties, select the difference feeder vibration force. After resettlement feeder should be left travel clearance shall be horizontal 20mm lateral suspension me
    Brief introduction of metering feeder
    The machine working principle of the system: feedstock put on the weighing sensor, through the acquisition unit of time in the weight loss is that the actual volume of feed, and set up according to the need of feeding volume compared error
    characteristics and working principle of loss weight feeder
    Feeding machine Characteristics :stable vibration, reliable work, long service life, can adjust the excitation force can be changed at any time and flow control, convenient adjustment and stability. The feeding machine motor as vibration so
    Weight loss type feeding machine
     Weight loss type feeding machine is automatic production equipment intelligent computer, electronic and mechanical technology development. The biggest feature is that after the material is sent out, the real weight loss rate is measured.
    Introduction of liquid weightlessness feeder
    Loss in weight feeder is collection of electronic and mechanical technology as one of the intelligent automated production equipment, the system uses variable frequency motor speed control using repeated feedback. Adjusting screw speed, and
    High Pressure Gear Pump
    High Pressure Gear Pump is ideal for the most demanding extrusion processes, and also called HGP. The features, benefits, and applications of these melt pumps are shown in the following details.
    Loss-in-weight Feeder Principle
    In a loss-in-weight feeder, the feeding device with a hopper containing material to be fed is placed on a platform scale or suspension scale weighing system. Loss-in-weight Feeder Principle is shown as follows.
    Single Screw Feeders
    Single Screw Feeders or Metering Screw Feeders also known as Volumetric Feeder are designed to continuously meter all materials from flushing powders to fibrous particulate products at a constant volume to high accuracies.
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