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Matters needing attention in charging of masterbatch feeder

1: Masterbatch feeder should not be used without full charge or power down to the minimum. When not in use for a long time, please ensure that the battery is charged and placed, and then recharge once a month, at the same time should turn off the power supply. Every day after using up the machine to charge in time to ensure adequate power, to protect the battery to improve battery durability is very good.

2: Charger has a certain amount of heat when charging, so please maintain a good ventilation environment, not close to inflammable, explosive materials, sofas, beds, carpets and other similar surfaces, and should be placed in places that children can not touch.

3: do not use battery charger which does not comply with battery charging.

4: charger for masterbatch feeder is special and can not be used for other purposes.

5: Charger with high voltage power, non-professionals are not allowed to open at will, can not be used in supermarkets or waterlogged places.

6: can not play, in order to avoid electric shock.

7: charger technical parameters

Above is the charge precautions of master batch feeder that we introduce to you. I believe these contents are helpful to you. Our company specializes in providing masterbatch injection machine, masterbatch feeder and other products, in order to be able to better develop. Enterprises are constantly improving their service quality. If we want to choose a cooperative enterprise, then our company is a good choice, worthy of trust.

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