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Functional characteristics of loss in weight feeder

Weightlessness feeder has the following unique functions and advantages: (1) It has a wide range of applications, such as granules, powder, calcium carbonate, talc powder, resin film powder, flour, starch, etc. (2) The mechanical parts of the loss inweight feeder ( weightless feeder) such as screw are easy to decompose, assemble and clean. (3) Strong technical strength, German original technical equipment, professional pre-sale guidance service team; (4) The cutting performance is stable, the ac

How to Guarantee After-sales Service for Weightless Feeder Manufacturers

The weightlessness feeder manufacturer is a feeding equipment manufacturer with strong technical strength at present. Since entering the 21st century, the sales volume of feeder has increased significantly, mainly because the technology of various feeding equipment has been improved many times in the past long-term use, and feeder is the fastest upgraded feeder with the greatest technological progress. The weightlessness feeder manufacturer is researching the technology of the feeder. The engine

The installation process of weight loss feeder

During the initial operation and installation of weightlessness feeder , the scale must be fixed firmly. The weighing sensor of weightlessness scale is an elastic deformation element. If there is vibration outside, the weighing sensor will be disturbed and the measurement accuracy will be affected. When weightlessness scale is in use, air can not flow in the environment. Any wind and grass movement will directly cause interference to its sensors, especially when the flow is small. The soft conne

What are the rules of weightlessness feeder for selection of application industry

In different processing and production sites, different types of materials need to be transported and transmitted by different equipment, such as talc powder, calcium carbonate or flour, so the weightlessness feeder has a wide range of applications. After its launch, it has attracted the attention of many users. In order to meet the application needs of different industries, weightlessness feeder is now used. Classification methods are also gradually increasing, users can select appropriate weig

automatic liquid feeder

The system is comprised of a vacuum injector to safely introduce the liquid into the feed-water stream: a reversing servo motor coupled with a Vnotch valve to regulate the chemical feed rate; an electronic flow sensor to monitor and regulate the feed rate; and a control module for complete electronic control and communications. Automatic liquid feeders include common type and metering type liquid loss-in-weight feeder. The difference of two types is the feeding accuracy, the common type is 1%, a

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