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Loss in weight feeder types

Loss in weight feeder types can be divided as per the ways of metering materials, or the ways of transporting materials, including volumetric type, single-screw type, hydraulic type, multi-material type, etc.

Mixing selection principles

Mixing selection principles depend on the materials, and for powder, horizontal mixer will be a better choice than vertical mixing domestic original equipment for their excellent advantages and benefits.

Polyvinyl Chloride

Polyvinyl chloride is one of the most important thermoplastic materials. Polyvinyl chloride is finding wide application both in industrial and agriculture productions and in daily life for its benefits and advantages.


Stabilizers provide protection against degradation caused by heat, oxidation, and solar radiation. Thus, when used in plastic compositions they may be classified as heat (or thermal) stabilizers, antioxidants and UV light stabilizers.

Batte culture

Batte culture

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