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What are the rules of weightlessness feeder for selection of application industry

In different processing and production sites, different types of materials need to be transported and transmitted by different equipment, such as talc powder, calcium carbonate or flour, so the weightlessness feeder has a wide range of applications. After its launch, it has attracted the attention of many users. In order to meet the application needs of different industries, weightlessness feeder is now used. Classification methods are also gradually increasing, users can select appropriate weig

automatic liquid feeder

The system is comprised of a vacuum injector to safely introduce the liquid into the feed-water stream: a reversing servo motor coupled with a Vnotch valve to regulate the chemical feed rate; an electronic flow sensor to monitor and regulate the feed rate; and a control module for complete electronic control and communications. Automatic liquid feeders include common type and metering type liquid loss-in-weight feeder. The difference of two types is the feeding accuracy, the common type is 1%, a

PVC Additives

PVC Additives include plasticizers, heat stabilizers, fillers, lubricants, processing aids, and other additives. It should be noted that PVC resin, of themselves, are of no practical use.

Volumetric Feeder for Extrusion Process

Volumetric Feeder for Extrusion Process provides low cost and easy option in batch or continuous applications. Our volumetric feeder can provide reliable and stable accurate volumetric feeding for different materials.

Thermoplastic Extrusion Flat Dies and Feed Blocks

Thermoplastic Extrusion Flat Dies and Feed Blocks are engineered and constructed to world class standards. A full extrusion line includes film, sheet, foam sheet, and double wall dies, associated feed blocks, etc.

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