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Twin screw loss-in-weight feeder

The continuous twin-screw loss-in-weight feeder adopts the form of intermeshing twin-screw and vane twin-screw. The material is pushed out through two screws, and the top of the screw is equipped with horizontal and vertical stirring, which can improve the filling rate of the screw and avoid the situation of material bridging. occur.


High precision material control and quick response, suitable for accurate metering and feeding in various occasions

Tailor-made for each customer, a flow range to meet a variety of different needs

Reliable operation and compact structure

Easy installation and maintenance

loss in weight feeder

working principle

The loss-in-weight feeder is mainly composed of two parts: material conveying part (mechanical part), electrical control part (including weight signal acquisition, processing and control)

The working principle of the loss-in-weight feeder: Through the weighing sensor installed on the weighing platform, the weight of the material in the weighing hopper is fed back to the controller in real time, and the controller obtains the weight reduction per unit time through an internal algorithm (that is, the actual weight reduction). Flow) According to the difference between the actual flow and the set flow, the controller outputs a speed signal to control the speed of the motor to achieve precise feeding requirements.

The material enters the hopper from the feeding port on the hopper cover. According to the material characteristics and feeding range, we select different specifications of feeding motors and screws, and select the appropriate reduction ratio to ensure the stability and reliability of the feeder control, so as to meet the According to the different requirements of customers, the mechanical parts in contact with the material are all made of stainless steel. The unique spherical hopper and horizontal stirring ensure that the material has no residue and no bridging, so that the material conveying is more uniform and smooth.

loss in weight screw feeders are widely used in chemical, plastic, pharmaceutical and other fields.

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