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What are the methods to improve the stability of loss in weight feeder?

Loss in weight feeder is a special measuring equipment for continuous weighing, quantitative feeding and batching of various powdery materials. It mainly adopts foreign advanced production technology, which effectively improves the working efficiency of the equipment. Today, I share the methods to improve the stability and feeding accuracy:

Loss in weight feeder adopts patented powder balance lock to ensure stable feeding. The double control function is adopted, and the powder balance lock and weight loss feeder are adjusted at the same time, which improves the measurement accuracy. It adopts high-precision digital weighing module and digital transmission technology, with simple circuit, no adjusting parts, high resolution, no signal attenuation and strong anti-interference.

loss in weight feeder

The controller of the loss-in-weight feeder mainly adopts touch display technology. The whole equipment adopts full Chinese color graphic display, wizard operation mode, simple operation, and no memory. The powder material flows evenly in the half circumference of the inlet and outlet. The weight of the material in the half circumference is accurately detected by the weighing sensor, and the weighing signal is converted into a digital quantity of 0~1 million by the high-precision digital transmitter on site.

The loss-in-weight feeder uses digital transmission to send the signal into the instrument without attenuation. The instrument calculates the instantaneous flow, which is compared with the set flow, and changes the feeding volume of the feeding equipment according to the difference, so that the material flow is stable to the set flow. At the same time, the cumulative amount of materials is calculated according to the instantaneous flow accumulation.

The above is an effective way to improve the stability and feeding accuracy of the continuous gravimetric feeder. Please leave a message if you need the model, price and more maintenance skills.

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