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Manufacturing and assembly of loss-in-weight feeders

In the process of using the loss-in-weight feeder, the feeding function of the equipment is very stable. The accuracy and transportation ability of the entire equipment are very large. The loss-in-weight feeder system is very stable under static conditions. The accuracy can reach 0.1% of it usefully.

The control surface of the loss-in-weight feeder can directly select its high-precision control instrument. The accuracy of the entire equipment is very high during the use process, the equipment has strong anti-interference function, and has good real-time performance. The sensor of the equipment directly selects it. High-precision sensor module.

The sensor of the loss-in-weight feeder can use its laser welding seal, the operation accuracy is relatively high, the function of the entire equipment is very reliable, and it is very suitable for use in the application site with harsh working conditions. The equipment control system is more flexible and can Directly complete its active or manual replenishment processing.

Micro loss in weight metering feeder

In the process of manufacturing loss-in-weight feeders, the company needs to have the strength to independently develop and have its central skills. Such equipment has experience in many occupations and engineering applications in many fields. The equipment is used in talcum powder, flour, and granular materials. , Flour, calcium carbonate, etc. can all be used.

The process of assembling the loss-in-weight feeder is very simple, so the equipment will be relatively simple when it is divided, and the cleaning process of the equipment is very simple. When the feeder is started, you must not put anything on it. Because that will directly cause the motor to receive excessive pressure and cause burning.

The loss-in-weight feeder mainly relies on its leather belt to transfer materials during the operation. Therefore, the equipment needs to check whether the belt is undamaged and loosened in a timely manner during the operation process, and the equipment will not be fully utilized until everything is normal. The production function of the equipment, so that the workload of the equipment can be achieved smoothly.

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