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Manufacturing and assembly of loss-in-weight feeders

In the process of using the loss-in-weight feeder, the feeding function of the equipment is very stable. The accuracy and transportation ability of the entire equipment are very large. The loss-in-weight feeder system is very stable under static conditions. The accuracy can reach 0.1% of it usefully. The control surface of the loss-in-weight feeder can directly select its high-precision control instrument. The accuracy of the entire equipment is very high during the use process, the equipment ha

What is the error of the loss-in-weight feeder?

What is the measurement error of a loss-in-weight feeder? What factors cause the measurement error of the loss-in-weight feeder? For machinery and equipment products, the pros and cons of quality are all due to the appearance of measurement errors. Due to long-term application, the machinery and equipment are damaged at a certain level, which in turn causes the appearance of measurement errors, resulting in different levels of deviation. The measurement error of the loss-in-weight feeder is main

Application of loss-in-weight feeder in plastic synthesis industry

Application of loss-in-weight feeder in plastic synthesis industry The production of plastics consists of many important processes, and many different kinds of raw materials can generate a homogeneous special plastic compound through these processes. The plastic synthesis process is a continuous process. The main steps include: feeding, plasticizing/melting, stirring, homogenization, mixing, dispersion, degassing, reaction, heating/cooling, etc. In fact, feeding is a key step. The main raw mater

Single s spunbond non-woven production line

Raw material: PP polypropylene Melt index of spunbond PP: 28-45 Melt blown PP melt index: 1300-1800 Melting point: 166 ℃ Denier number of spunbond fiber: 1.8-2.5 denier Melt blown fiber denier: 1.6-4 M Components of single s spunbond non-woven production line Edge screw and recovery device ----- screw extruder ----- filter ----- metering pump ----- monomer suction device ----- spinning box ----- cooling air box ----- drawing device ----- mesh forming machine ----- hot rolling machine ----- coile

Briefly introduce the maintenance of feeder for you

1. When the feeder is in operation, it is better not to put anything on it. In that case, it will easily lead to excessive pressure on the motor and burn it out. 2. Check whether the belt is in good condition and loose. Feeder conveys material by belt. Only when the belt is normal, can the production performance of the machine be fully brought into play and the workload be maximized. 3. Because the various parts of the feeder are connected by gears and chains, the greatest lubricity of gears and

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