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Mixing selection principles
Mixing selection principles depend on the materials, and for powder, horizontal mixer will be a better choice than vertical mixing domestic original equipment for their excellent advantages and benefits.

Mixer / Mixing selection principles:
Currently, many users in the powder / powder mixing equipment many choices tapered vertical mixing domestic original equipment, but experts suggest that, due to the many shortcomings of vertical cone mixer, a high repair rate, so the powder / when mixing the powder or granular material, should select horizontal mixer, the mixing device of high efficiency, good mixing quality, discharge time is short, the residual amount is small.

But the choice and use of horizontal mixer should pay attention to the following points:
1. According to the selection of daily production capacity lying blender.
2. According to horizontal ribbon mixer works, the ability for mixing with the double helix in the opposite direction to push the material should be substantially uniform
3. According to the design principle.

At last, choose a suitable horizontal mixer and used properly, will significantly improve the quality of the mix, and soon the sound effects reflected in the production process. If we can further understand the self-made blends technology, but also to greatly reduce the cost of materials, to increase profits. Mixing selection principles depend on the applications of mixer.

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