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Principles of Metering Screw Feeding

Principles of Metering Screw Feeding will be introduced through the correct filling of the screw and screw design (single screw, twin screw, solid screw, wire screw, oversize product, etc.), and then give a conclusion.

Batte products for extrusion, Polymer, and Recycling Industries

Batte offers a broad range of products for the Extrusion, Polymer and Recycling Industries. Products include Continuous Screen Changers, Discontinuous Screen Changers, Gear Pumps, loss in weight feeders, control systems, etc.

direction of plastic machinery development in China

 Plastic machinery relative to metal, stone, wood, plastic has the advantages of low cost, plasticity, etc., it is the plastic processing industry used in all kinds of machinery and equipment of the general name.

What is the weight loss type feeding machine?

The biggest feature is that after the material is sent out, the real weight loss rate is measured, and it is compared with the weight loss rate (set value) required.. Its system using inverter or servo motor, using weight feedback speed con

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