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Operating Rules for Single Screw Volume Feeder

1. Carefully implement the relevant provisions of the General Operational Regulations for Mechanized Transportation Equipment. 2. Carefully implement the following supplementary provisions: (1) Before work, we should conscientiously do the following: 1. Inspection of wire rope and pulley shall be in good condition without wire breakage, strand breakage and serious wear and tear. 2. Turn on the rotary mechanism to align the feeder with the cupola charging inlet of the on-duty production. 3. In th

Lubrication and maintenance of loss in weight feeder

Lubrication and maintenance of loss in weight feeder loss in weight feeder lubrication: If the feeder is lubricated with butter, the refueling amount is 1/3 to 1/2 of the bearing (no more than the center line of the bearing), and each bearing is roughly the same. After 400 hours of operation, the feeder opens the hexagonal screw under the exciter, discharges the dirty oil in the pipe and refuels it. If lubricating oil is used, it is necessary to keep the oil level in the tubing slightly below th

Analysis of reasons for vacuum feeder not sucking material

The long-term use of vacuum feeder may lead to the problem of non-suction of the machine. Now as equipment management personnel, timely troubleshooting of the equipment, so as to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. There are many reasons for the failure of non-suction, and managers can check it mainly from the following aspects. 1. Check control system. Check whether there are any problems on the touch screen of the vacuum suction machine control system, check whether the parameters ar

Application of weightless feeder and ingredients

The working principle of the weightlessness feeder is very simple, mainly for the plate feeder is powered by the motor, through the reducer and the active sprocket device, drive the chain plate device for continuous and uniform low-speed movement, to achieve the purpose of conveying materials. Because there are many important parts of weightlessness feeder for processing and riveting, there are often some quality problems in the production. The general users do not pay attention to them in time

Automatic metering feeder control

In the production of chemical fiber, it is often required to put solid powdered raw materials into the process equipment with a constant basin. If the feeding is intermittent (e.g. PVA dissolution in vinylon production, nylon pot dissolution in nylon production, etc.), then the quantitative feeding is automatically or manually carried out by means of a weighing scale, if the feeding is continuous (e.g. PVA is delivered to the dissolving machine in the washing section of vinylon production), in o

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