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Analysis of reasons for vacuum feeder not sucking material

The long-term use of vacuum feeder may lead to the problem of non-suction of the machine. Now as equipment management personnel, timely troubleshooting of the equipment, so as to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. There are many reasons for the failure of non-suction, and managers can check it mainly from the following aspects.

1. Check control system.

Check whether there are any problems on the touch screen of the vacuum suction machine control system, check whether the parameters are normal, whether there are problems in setting the discharge time of the suction machine, and so on. If there are any types of problems, timely modification should be made.

2. Check pneumatic pump.

Check the pneumatic pump to see if the origin of compressed air has met the relevant requirements. If the pressure does not meet the required requirements, managers need to check whether the gas source needs to change the channel.

3. Negligence in assembling and disassembling activities

In the process of mechanical disassembly and assembly, the upper cover and the cylinder clamp are not properly installed, so there is a leakage fault, which leads to the vacuum suction machine can not carry out normal suction.

4. Suction pipe leakage.

The leakage of suction pipeline is an important reason for the failure of vacuum suction machine. In the process of eliminating the failure, the staff need to check whether the pipeline is leaking or not, and the problem of leakage should be dealt with in time, so as to ensure the normal work of the machine.

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