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Lubrication and maintenance of loss in weight feeder

Lubrication and maintenance of loss in weight feeder

loss in weight feeder lubrication:

If the feeder is lubricated with butter, the refueling amount is 1/3 to 1/2 of the bearing (no more than the center line of the bearing), and each bearing is roughly the same. After 400 hours of operation, the feeder opens the hexagonal screw under the exciter, discharges the dirty oil in the pipe and refuels it. If lubricating oil is used, it is necessary to keep the oil level in the tubing slightly below the main shaft oil seal position. Axis of leakage is not allowed.

loss in weight feeder inspection and maintenance:

Full-time personnel should regularly inspect the equipment to check whether there are cracks in the frame, feeding bin body and welding seam. If a crack is found, the surface should be cleaned up, the root of the crack should be found, the groove of the crack should be produced, and the hot welding repair and penetration should be given. Complete cooling and hammer leveling. No longer running for 2 hours before use. It is necessary to check the temperature rise of bearings frequently, not more than 75 degrees. If it is more than 75 degrees, it is necessary to check whether the bearings are damaged (no-load manual rotation) and whether they are overloaded for a long time (amplitude decreases). It is forbidden to start with material after stopping and stopping.


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