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Operating Rules for Single Screw Volume Feeder

1. Carefully implement the relevant provisions of the General Operational Regulations for Mechanized Transportation Equipment.

2. Carefully implement the following supplementary provisions:

(1) Before work, we should conscientiously do the following:

1. Inspection of wire rope and pulley shall be in good condition without wire breakage, strand breakage and serious wear and tear. 2. Turn on the rotary mechanism to align the feeder with the cupola charging inlet of the on-duty production.

3. In the empty running test run, the operation of the inspection barrel trolley shall meet the following requirements:

(1) The analog display signal on the operating table is correct and complete.

(2) The lower limit position of the barrel is aligned with the lower opening.

(3) The upper limit position of the barrel is aligned with the center of the cupola, and the opening of the bottom door is appropriate.

(4) When the barrel trolley runs downward, the cupola door must be opened, and when it runs downward, the cupola door must be closed. After confirming that all actions are normal, the feeding can be done.

(2) Work conscientiously:

1. When the barrel is aligned with the outlet at the lower limit position, the charging hopper, coke and limestone quantitative hopper can be activated. The electrical signal confusion must be checked and solved before it can continue to work.

2. Don't load too much material in the barrel.

3. Whether the barrel trolley is stuck in any position, it must tighten the wire rope and not relax. When the trolley is stuck in the upper part of the track, it is not allowed to remove the trouble at any part below the trolley.

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