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Application of weightless feeder and ingredients

The working principle of the weightlessness feeder is very simple, mainly for the plate feeder is powered by the motor, through the reducer and the active sprocket device, drive the chain plate device for continuous and uniform low-speed movement, to achieve the purpose of conveying materials. Because there are many important parts of weightlessness feeder for processing and riveting, there are often some quality problems in the production. The general users do not pay attention to them in time during the initial use of the equipment, so after the production and operation of the equipment, it may gradually reflect some weightlessness feeder equipment in the form of equipment failure. Prepare the manufacturing quality problem.

Therefore, it is suggested to control the manufacturing quality of the weightless feeder in the manufacturing process and reduce the problems in the production. The weightlessness feeder in the production process equipment of cement plant is generally used for conveying clay, raw meal, clinker, slag, gypsum and other materials. The concrete composition of the weightlessness feeder in cement industry mainly includes frame, chain, sprocket, transmission device, tray, guide chute (including liner), cleaning chain, device and other attachments. Piece. The transmission device is composed of an electric motor, a reducer, a hydraulic coupler, a coupling and a transmission base.

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