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What is the design accuracy of vacuum feeder

We all know that the feeding process in the industrial production process still needs to use professional vacuum feeder to complete. In recent years, as different feeding equipment on the market after promotion, you will find that the difference between each other is relatively large, which in the summary process will still be very different. So what about design accuracy? Firstly, the vacuum feeder will have a major impact on the positioning mode, so after the positioning mode is designed more

Automatic quantitative feeder control

In the production of chemical fiber, it is often required to put solid powdered raw materials into the process equipment with a constant basin. If the feeding is intermittent (e.g. PVA dissolution in vinylon production, nylon pot dissolution in nylon production, etc.), then the quantitative feeding is automatically or manually carried out by means of a weighing scale, if the feeding is continuous (e.g. PVA is delivered to the dissolving machine in the washing section of vinylon production), in o

Matters needing attention in charging of masterbatch feeder

1: Masterbatch feeder should not be used without full charge or power down to the minimum. When not in use for a long time, please ensure that the battery is charged and placed, and then recharge once a month, at the same time should turn off the power supply. Every day after using up the machine to charge in time to ensure adequate power, to protect the battery to improve battery durability is very good. 2: Charger has a certain amount of heat when charging, so please maintain a good ventilatio

What is the advantage of a weightless feeder

Weightlessness scale feeder has brought us a lot of convenience, in many industries and aquaculture has been inseparable from the use of weightlessness scale. What kind of process does the weight loss scale work for? When the customer gives us an order, the first thing is to put the customers material into the weightless scale hopper feeding , when the system detects that the material is added to the set position, it will actively stop the feeding process, after the completion of the feeding, th

loss in weight feeder is the choice for enterprise equipment

At present, the most advanced and most widely used in the feeding machine is the vibrating loss in weightfeeder , which is a vibrating loss in weightfeeder which can complete the feeding trough through vibration. Industrial and agricultural feeders can be seen everywhere. At present, our country has even invested in the defense industry. The vibrating loss in weightfeeder is constantly groping for intelligent, large-scale and intelligent mobile devices. Therefore, for manufacturers or customers,

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