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What is the advantage of a weightless feeder

Weightlessness scale feeder has brought us a lot of convenience, in many industries and aquaculture has been inseparable from the use of weightlessness scale. What kind of process does the weight loss scale work for?

When the customer gives us an order, the first thing is to put the customer's material into the weightless scale hopper feeding, when the system detects that the material is added to the set position, it will actively stop the feeding process, after the completion of the feeding, the weightless scale will start to operate actively, but not so simple, in the weightless scale operation too much In the process, the weighing sensor will collect the most accurate flow data in real time and send it to the weighing controller for processing. Then, after calculation, the real-time data will be separately transmitted to the touch screen for display and data communication, and the surface control motor speed, so that the real-time flow can be adjusted. However, during the continuous operation of the weightlessness scale, the material in the hopper of the weightlessness scale is gradually reduced. When the material in the hopper of the weightlessness scale drops to the set feeding scale, its output module controls the feeding equipment to start feeding, and at the same time the weightlessness scale operates in a precise volume form to ensure the steady and precise flow rate. It is true.

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