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How to use the loss-in-weight feeder correctly

1, the loss in weight feeder is to bring material to the skin, so we must check whether the belt is intact, whether it is loose, and whether it is moderately tight. Only if everything is normal can the production performance of machines be fully realized and the workload achieved. It won't damage the machine.

2, a lot of dust will be produced in the production of feed, which makes the control box paper accumulator accumulate a lot of dust. If it goes on, it will cause the internal short circuit because of the dust, and it will damage the circuit and other components. Therefore, dust is removed in a control box for a period of time.

3. The gear and chain in the paper loss in weight feeder between the parts are connected, so the gear and the chain must be made to ensure the lubrication, so that the machine is not damaged because of lack of lubrication.

4, the main power of the loss in weight feeder is the motor, the speed of the motor is very high, so the transmission power is used to decelerate the decelerating motor. In normal application, we must remember to check whether the motor and the decelerating motor are abnormal. And every time it is in maintenance, gear oil, gear reducer.

5, when the feeder is running, it will not put things into a volumetric feeder because it will be because the motor is burning the motor under great pressure. So, is it correct to start seeing every thing that must be checked by each bait machine? If some words must be cleared in time, then start the machine.

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