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weight loss type feeding machine operation

FIirst, weight loss feeder when moving above if there is something, can easily lead to motor to withstand the pressure is too high burn out the motor. To avoid this.
weight loss feeder
Two, check the belt is intact, whether there is loose. Feeder is bringing material transmission by the skin, only a belt to normal full play the production performance of the machine, the amount of work to reach the maximum.
Third, because between the various parts of the feeding machine is a gear and chain control connection, so must the gears and chains to ensure the maximum degree of lubrication, so as not to because of the lack of lubrication and damage to the machine.
Fourth, due to the practical work will produce a lot of dust, will make the feeding machine control box of the accumulation of a lot of dust, the dust will make internal short circuit occurred, damaged electrical circuit and other components, so every once in a while to clean up the dust control box.
Five, loss in weight  feeder, the main driving force is the motor, the motor has power motor and deceleration motor (due to the motor speed is very high, so in the power transmission to gear motor to slow down. When using a point to check the power motor and the motor speed reducer is abnormal. The motor must be maintained in good time, such as: in the reducer of gear oil, etc..

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