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Volumetric screw feeder
Volumetric screw feeder is a kind of accurate volumetric feeder, and is available in all steel construction to customers demanding it. The details about this pump include features, components, and applications.

Volumetric screw feeder

Volumetric screw feeder applications:
This accurate volumetric screw feeder is also a good option for high temperature applications. Special internal agitators can be included if the application requires it.

Volumetric screw feeder features:
Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Construction
In-Line Coupling Drive
ANSI Style Mating Flange Customizable per Application

Volumetric screw feeder components:
Quick Disconnect Auger
Patented Cartridge Drive Bearing Assembly
Large Hopper Opening Promotes Material Flow

Volumetric Screw Feeder is available in powder coated carbon or stainless steel, and is a very good option for materials that do not require any agitation to promote flow.

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