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Vibratory Tray Feeders

Vibratory Tray Feeders include volumetric type and gravimetric type, and used for engineering plastics industry. Their construction materials are stainless steel, and the hopper capacity is 50L.

Vibratory Tray Feeders Characteristics:
Generous and beautiful appearance
Reliable and low noise
Easy to clean and operation
Comprised of a drive, an enclosed stainless steel feeder tray and stainless steel extension hopper
The Vibratory Tray Feeder is maintenance free with no mechanical parts subject to wear.
Uses the principle of electromagnetic vibration, transports materials horizontally forward
A special spring leaf and counterweight balance blocks are installed between the vibrating body and the mounting plate.
Unique design can effectively absorb the reaction force, to achieve the stable high-speed convey.
The scale material is made of stainless steel. This type loss in weight feeder is completely enclosed in stainless steel housing and is designed for harsh industrial environments.

Vibratory Tray Feeders Application is for accurate and reliable feeding of fibrous materials including fiberglass, granular materials, pellets and fragile or abrasive materials.

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