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Twin Screw Loss in Weight Feeder for extruder

Twin Screw Loss in Weight Feeder for extruder has wide applications, and nice appearance, small volume, low noise, extremely high stability, friendly HMI, excellent control system, screw options, and other characteristics.

Twin Screw Loss in Weight Feeder for extruder

Twin Screw Loss in Weight Feeder for extruder Characteristics:
1). Nice Appearance:
Compared with traditional feeders, many improvements have been made in our appearance of our feeders.
2). Small Volume:
Since it is small, it can be moved to a new place easily, especially when production process is changed or when production technology is improved.
3). Low Noise:
Our feeders make almost no noise.
4). Convenient Cleaning and Easy Maintenance
5). Extremely High Stability:
In order to ensure precise feeding in a long run, self-detecting function is included in our feeders, which can detect mechanical wearing and the effect on feeders when frequency fluctuates, then make real-time correction accordingly. Therefore, feeding precision won`t be affected when a mechanical part is replaced or when it is being used for a long time.
6). Friendly HMI:
Easy operating touch screen system. Input to the system is more humanized. An operator can master all the operations in only a few hours.
7). Excellent Control System:
According to customer`s requirement, a control system can control multi-feeders while the feeding accuracy will never be affected.
8). Screw Options:
Depending on the fed materials characteristics, interchangeable screws in different shape and materials can be chosen.
9). Wide Range:
Without replace a new mechanical part, a wide range flow rate can be set. In this way, a new manufacturing technique can be shifted to quickly.
10). Melt screw material:
The material of a screw can be PS, carbon steel, 304 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel, hastelloy alloy or copper.

Twin Screw Loss in Weight Feeder for extruder Applications:
When the bulk density of the fed material is not consistent, or when the precise feeding accuracy is critical to the end product quality, the loss-in-weight feeder needs to be used. The loss in weight feeder can be used in batch or continuous situations. Frequently it is applied in continuous processing, such as extrusion. During extrusion process, multiple ingredients` ratio needs to be controlled precisely.

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