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Sanitary volumetric screw feeders

The features and components of sanitary volumetric screw feeders are introduced as follows. The Sanitary Screw Feeder has tool-less disassembly features and built with high quality and performance materials.

The sanitary line of volumetric screw feeders that was designed specifically for food processing production facilities.

Sanitary volumetric screw feeders Features:
Flex Feed® Hopper Screw Feeder
External AC Motor(s) and Reducer(s)
Tool-Less Disassembly
Easy Clean Design
Housing Designed to Promote Water Shed

Sanitary volumetric screw feeders Components:
Hopper with 5 Year Warranty
Durable Gates Poly Chain Drive
Quick Disconnect #4 Finish Auger and Feed Tube

This accurate volumetric screw feeder is built with materials that allow the unit to be installed in just about any plant environment, even the most harsh wash-down areas. The Sanitary Screw Feeder has tool-less disassembly features that makes breaking down the feeder simple and quick for cleanup. Similar to the other screw feeder units, these accurate volumetric screw feeders feature white polyurethane hoppers and external paddle agitation that allows gentle flow of even the most difficult materials. Standard sanitary volumetric screw feeders units come complete with premium efficiency AC wash-down motors, offering a high turndown, resulting in a greater range of feed rates.

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