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Liquid Gravimetric Feeder

Liquid Gravimetric Feeder is designed to provide gravimetric feeding of liquid materials. The application, characteristics, and other details of this type loss in weight feeder are shown in the following content.

Liquid Gravimetric Feeder

Liquid Gravimetric Feeder Applications:
Continuous processes, such as feeding a compounding extruder where difficult flowing liquids must be metered at precise feed rates. These liquids are often waxy or viscous and must be heated to flow properly.

Liquid Gravimetric Feeder Characteristics:
The liquid is metered by a pump positioned off the scale so that only the liquid and its container are weighed.
If the temperature of the liquid to be fed must be maintained at a constant level, a strip heater or transfer heater using oil or water may be employed.
When using a strip heater, temperature is controlled by a thermostat and a safety thermostat. An insulating jacket is placed over the strip heater. The connecting line is also heated and thermally insulated.
When using heat transfer, the tank is double-walled and filled with oil or water.
The sophisticated load cell provides split-second, high precision weighing in the milligram range and is specially designed for harsh industrial environments.
Liquid feeders are easily integrated with gravimetric bulk solids feeders.
The gravimetric controller and operation interface allow for individual unit and recipe control. Each gravimetric screw feeder has its own control board. Connection between control boards and operation interface is supported by industrial protocol.

Liquid Gravimetric Feeder consists of a storage tank mounted on a high accuracy scale designed for industrial applications. Heating System can be strip heater, heater transfer oil or water system, and accuracy can reach±1%, ±0.5%.

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