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Available materials for Vibratory Feeder

Available materials for Vibratory Feeder can be easy-flowing materials, difficult-flowing materials, floodable materials, cohesive materials, fragile materials, and other types of materials.

Available materials for Vibratory Feeder:
Easy-flowing materials:
Such as plastic pellets, granules and flakes. Vibratory feeders can provide highly accurate and reliable feeding of these types of free-flowing materials.

Difficult-flowing materials:
Such as fiberglass and rubber particles, can also be accurately fed with the Vibratory Feeder.

Floodable materials:
Such as diatomaceous earth and certain flame retardant materials, can behave like liquids if not properly controlled during hopper discharge and feeding. The Vibratory feeder can be used for some of these materials, but often times depending on the floodability of the product, a screw feeder is often the choice. Material is controlled through the intermeshing screw flights which act like valves.

Cohesive materials:
Such as titanium dioxide, can be tough to handle during the operation process. These materials often encounter bridging inside hoppers, and sometimes stick to equipment surfaces. The Vibratory Feeder can handle such materials with accuracy, and due to its design, greatly reduces the possibility of bridging and sticking to equipment.

Fragile materials:
Such as many types of fibers, can be handled using the Vibratory feeder. Other types of feeders that can handle this type of materials include Weigh Belt Feeders, and Loss-in-Weight belt feeders.

Vibratory Feeder Batching Rice, Vibratory Feeder Batching Gravel, Vibratory Feeder Batching Sugar, and Vibratory Feeders for other applications are all widely used in industry.

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