batte melt pump

Micro single screw weightlessness feeder

  High Precision Weightlessness Feeding Scheme for Powder and Other Bulk Materials with Small Globular, Granular and Good Fluidity

  All parts of the batte micro feeder in contact with the material are made of stainless steel. Unique design of spherical bucket and horizontal stirring helps to fill materials on screw. The micro feeder uses a DC motor to achieve more accurate screw speed control and can operate at ultra-low 2-30 L/hr flow rate.

  High Precision Weighing Technology

  Batte brings high precision weighing technology for its high added value weighing feeder. The micro single screw weightlessness feeder is installed on a small weighing table and uses high-speed and high-precision sensors. The material of the weighing table is stainless steel, and the sensor is sealed by the cover to prevent the material from entering the weighing table to affect the accuracy of weighing.

  The weighing module of the feeder provides you with a high precision weighing in milligram range, less than seconds, and can be used in harsh industrial environment.

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