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How to Make Feeder Stable

  Compared with other traditional production equipment, the working environment of automatic feeder is not very good. It often needs to contact with different adhesive materials, which leads to a certain degree of pollution in the production process. Pollution not only affects the aesthetic appearance of equipment, but also may become a barrier to foreign bodies, blocking and affecting normal production. Operation. Therefore, in order to ensure normal production, users should regularly clean equipment to prevent the accumulation of pollutants from affecting the operation of equipment.

  In addition to regular cleaning, due to the construction requirements of more accurate equipment in operation, friction between components is constantly excavated, at the same time, various sizes of bearings in use of equipment, parts and bearings used in production are particularly prone to different degrees of wear, when wear can be normal production, and this problem is the most effective. The solution is to lubricate the equipment well and check regularly whether the wearable parts can work properly and whether they need to be replaced. In addition to filling the bearings with lubricating oil, the bearings should be replaced regularly.

  Maintenance work is also simple, does not need to spend too much time, but also hopes that users can develop good habits, pay attention to daily inspection and maintenance work, will be able to ensure long-term non-invalidation, reduce the economic losses caused by equipment failure, users more fully safeguard the interests of users.

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