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Functional characteristics of loss in weight feeder

Weightlessness feeder has the following unique functions and advantages:

(1) It has a wide range of applications, such as granules, powder, calcium carbonate, talc powder, resin film powder, flour, starch, etc.

(2) The mechanical parts of the loss inweight feeder (weightless feeder) such as screw are easy to decompose, assemble and clean.

(3) Strong technical strength, German original technical equipment, professional pre-sale guidance service team;

(4) The cutting performance is stable, the accuracy is high, and the conveying capacity can be selected in a wide range.

(5) The control system of weightlessness feeder (weightlessness feeder) is flexible: the weightlessness control system can realize manual and automatic feeding and feeding processing, and can realize manual and automatic conversion;

(6) The static accuracy of weightlessness feeder (weightlessness feeder) system is 0.1%, and the linear and repetitive dynamic accuracy is 0.3%.

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