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The installation process of weight loss feeder

During the initial operation and installation of weightlessness feeder, the scale must be fixed firmly. The weighing sensor of weightlessness scale is an elastic deformation element. If there is vibration outside, the weighing sensor will be disturbed and the measurement accuracy will be affected. When weightlessness scale is in use, air can not flow in the environment. Any wind and grass movement will directly cause interference to its sensors, especially when the flow is small.

The soft connection between upper and lower parts of weightlessness feeder needs to be light and soft, which can effectively avoid the interference of upper and lower parts on weightlessness scale. At present, the most ideal material used in the equipment is smooth and soft silk. The shorter the connection distance between hopper and bin, the better.

The longer the connection distance between the hopper of weightlessness feeder and the bin, the more and more materials will adhere to the pipe wall. When the material in the pipe wall adheres to a certain extent, once it falls down, the weightlessness scale will be a great interference.

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