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direction of plastic machinery development in China

  Plastic machinery relative to metal, stone, wood, plastic has the advantages of low cost, plasticity, etc., it is the plastic processing industry used in all kinds of machinery and equipment of the general name. In the national economy widely used, plastic industry in today's world is a very important position, many years of plastic products production in the world, high-speed development. China's plastic machinery development also conforms to the trend of the world plastic machinery development, a variety of products in the world's first place. Plastic machinery usher in a good development period, and now the plastic machinery presents a new trend.

  Service-oriented manufacturing is from low-end to high-end development philosophy, buying and selling high-end plastic is refers to the high end of the industrial division of labor in the value chain, such as the plastic machinery manufacturing high-end understand only for single equipment technology advanced, they will lead to industry of road up. High-end plastics machinery manufacturing is to solve the field / industry potential demand for plastic products processing complete set plan, China plastics machinery industry is developing rapidly, and the service of plastic machinery industry become the development direction.

  Plastic machinery industry in China has a large space for development. Along with the sustained and rapid development of the national economy, the continuous improvement of people's living standard, the advancement of energy-saving and environmental protection and green low carbon economy, China's per capita consumption of plastic will be faster growth, the development prospect of China's plastics machinery industry will be more beautiful. At the same time, China plastic machinery market is more and more by the attention of foreign enterprises, many large companies not only of China plastics machinery enterprises continue to increase the depth and breadth of cooperation and the merger or purchase shares to occupy China plastics machinery market. This illustrates the potential and advantages of plastic machinery industry development.

  In recent years, the plastic machinery bring a full set of process scheme is supplied to the market, plastic machinery manufacturing made the strategic transformation of manufacturing is critical to the survival of the service type, and service-oriented manufacturing from low-end to high-end development idea is very correct.


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