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How to prevent the loss of weight loss feeder
Weight loss feeders are suitable for plastics, powders, calcium carbonate, talcum powder, resin film powders, flours, starches, etc., where different raw materials are used. However, the use of a long time, weight loss feeder failure is inevitable, such as loss of weight feeder is one of the common faults. So, what are the reasons for loss of gravity feeders? How to solve it?
    1. For longer single-tube screw feeders, a gradually increasing pitch can be adopted to prevent the feeder from being over-loaded due to flooding of materials at the feeding place, and also to prevent the material from being discharged from the silo after gasification. Gushing out.
    2. Control the unilateral clearance between the orbiting blade and the pipe wall within 2mm, and suppress the flow of material from the bottom clearance to the discharge port.

    3, reduce the pressure difference between the internal and external, can take the variable pitch design of the screw shaft, that is, the feed port blade pitch is greater than the discharge port blade pitch, which can make the material go tighter.
    4. The spiral blade is disconnected in the middle of the revolving shaft, and the length is 1.5 times longer than the I of the spiral diameter. An Im plate is installed at the disconnection, and the material M plate is made into a detachable form. According to reports, after such improvements, the materials push each other by their own strength, the forward speed is reduced, the material density is increased, and the material is prevented from flowing directly from the bottom between the spiral blade and the pipe wall, which effectively prevents the brewing phenomenon happened.

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