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How to use loss in weight feeders

1. When the loss in weight feeder is started, it cannot be put on the top because it will burn the motor because the pressure on the motor is too high. Therefore, it is necessary to check each time you start the weightless feeder. See if there is something above. If so, be sure to clean it up before starting the machine.

2. Some powdery materials can accumulate a lot of dust in the control box of loss-in-weight feeders. In the long run, it will cause short circuits in internal circuits and damage electrical appliances and other mechanical parts. Therefore, it is necessary to clean up the control once every other time. Dust in the box.

3. The main power of the loss in weight feeder is the motor. The speed of the motor is very high. Therefore, when the power is transmitted, the motor must be used to reduce the speed. Always remember to check the motor and geared motor for abnormalities in normal applications. And maintenance should be carried out at intervals, adding gear oil to gears of the reducer.

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