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cast film extrusion die

Cast film extrusion die;

Cast film extrusion die effective width of up to 8000mm, manually adjust the flexible lip, single-channel, multi-channel coextrusion compound cast film die, the characteristics of the corresponding extruder can be designed for the following applications PP. PE.EVA cast film, CPP.CPE.PVDC, EAA containing EVH and PA barrier film, film die direct used in food packaging, a variety of specifications, types of stationery film, sanitary products film, adhesive film, cling film Wait.

Cast film mold, plastic extrusion die, die details

Cast film extrusion die role: plastic

Cast film extrusion die, plastic extrusion die, die

Cast film extrusion die Details:

+ Continuous unobstructed flow in the die lip, with small spacing adjustment screws on the resin pressure and metal bounce up and down to work, bending the die lip to adjust the die gap, the die width can be adjusted.

+ All hard chrome plated surfaces, fasteners using 12.9 high strength bolts, high quality, durable heating rods heated partition control.

+ Stable production, simple structure, easy to disassemble and clean.

+ Width 3000mm the following, the thickness of 0.3mm the following, hanger-type runner, width adjustable, fine-tuning of the die on the film die.

+ Suitable raw materials: PP, PE, PVC, TPU, EVA and so on.

+ Production of various packaging film, stationery film, embossed film, light film, breathable film, film, disposable tablecloths and so on.

Extruded flat die in the lip can get continuous unobstructed flow surface, 45 degree 90 degree adjustment bar stopper adjustment device to meet the needs of different thickness of the product, the upper and lower lip adjustable thickness, lip can be replaced.

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