batte melt pump

t-die extrusion lamination

Laminations Feamold t-die extrusion lamination manufactures a wide variety of Extrusion Lamination Plants.

Width Range - 600 mm to 4500 mm

Melt Output - 30 kg/hr to 300 kg/hr

Line Speed upto 40 m/min

Options/Features Single and t-die extrusion lamination Plants

Variety of Substrates - Woven/ Non-woven fabric, Paper, Paper Board, etc.

Choose between In-line and Transverse Layout

Motorized Lifting for Extruder / Lamination Station

Variety of T-Die and Coat- Hanger Die designs with internal and external deckles

Variety of Unwinders/Winders - Mechanical, Turret type, Loom type, with on-line slitting

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