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Dosing loss in weight feeder systems

With the rapid development of industrial production,the solid constant feeding system which is a practical technology has been widely used in metallurgy, chemicals, cement, building materials, food and as well as other industry circles. So, in this situation, the demand of constant feeder is increasingly augmented. This system adopts the electromagnetic valve and flowmeter feeder as the constant feeding device, the feeder achieves the goal of constant feeding by controlling the flow. The PLC control system of constant feeding system is the inevitable outcome of the development of mechatronics.


Dosing loss in weight feeder systems are varied. From the perspective of material supply continuity, can be divided into intermittent and continuous two kinds of feeding system; from the way of feeding material volume feeding system and mass (weight) type feeding system; from the feeder The working principle of the points can be divided into weight loss-type feeding and weight gain feeding; from the perspective of the characteristics of the supply of materials can be divided into powder, pellet (solid), liquid, mixed feed.


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