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choose screws of the single-screw volumetric feeder

  Depending on the material, the single-screw volumetric feeder has many different types of interchangeable screws to choose from. The feeder is mounted on a painted steel base and all contact with the material is stainless steel. The feeder is easy to dismantle to clean or replace parts. Unique ball bucket patented design, the material evenly from the ball hopper into the screw in all directions, effectively prevent the accumulation of material, and horizontal mixing is further improved the material flow to the screw advancement, the feeding more accurate .

  Feeding screw selected according to the material properties. The following table is the experience of the feed range (for better liquidity of the material). For both ends of the feed range, it is advisable to select the appropriate screw after testing. Loss-weight feeders consist of hoppers, feeders (single and dual axis screw feeders), weighing systems and regulators. During operation, hoppers, materials and feeders are weighed continuously in series. As the material is sent out, the true rate of weight loss is measured and compared to the required weight loss rate (set point). Loss-in-weight feeders automatically correct deviations from setpoint by mediating feeder speed. Thus, the material can be fed continuously and uniformly.
loss in weight feeder

  Loss-weight feeder for the scope of plastic particles, powder, calcium carbonate, talc, resin powder particles, flour, starch, etc., of which different materials, we designed two different scale body, namely, powder Scale (to solve the poor flow of feed metering and feeding problems), pellet scales (to solve any bridge problems that may occur), a good solution to the existing problems in the production process

  Loss-weight feeder has the core technology and independent research and development.

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