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loss in weight feeder to meet the requirements

The gravimetric feeding method involves either weighing a requested quantity as a batch or feeding a constant mass flow over time. The feeding process selected depends on the process configuration. Gericke feeding solutions provide flexibility with regard to adjustment to the required specifications.

The loss-in-weight feeders are designed to meet the following requirements:

• Highly precise feeding concentrating on feeding accuracy and consistent metering

• Exact reproducibility of the feed flow

• The modular design makes disassembly quick and easy

• Resistance to external influences such as shocks and oscillation

• Specialised hygiene model in accordance with EHEDG

• ATEX-compatible models

• Fast integration of Gericke Easydos Pro Controller in a wide range of controller environments

• Optimum adjustment of interfaces to upstream or downstream process

• Perfect integration with Gericke Continuous Mixers

Loss-in-weight feeder with three load cells Function:

The weighing hopper and the feeder are mounted in a frame. Weight calculation is carried out by three robust load cells, which are also optionally available in a hygienic design.

Application: Multi-component feeding systems in the food industry and chemical applications.

Advantages: Compact installation options, any hopper size available, hygienic design.

Specifications: 200 – 36 000 l/h

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