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Centralized modular weightless feeder

Centralized modular weightless feeder Characteristic:

1, enhance the convenience and adaptability when changing products.

2, improve cleanliness and convenience and comprehensiveness.

3, improve the quality of the final product.

Centralized modular weightless feeder Test steps:

1. Analyze the materials: understand and analyze the bulk density, material shape, raw material size, fluidity and static electricity.

2, choose the feeder: choose the feeding equipment according to the material characteristics and the laboratory data.

The feeding equipment is configured for the unknown material according to the test.

3. Feeding test: testing accuracy according to the range of requirements.

Optimize the feeding equipment.

4, test report: - the configuration of the tested feeder.

- process specifications and parameters

Feeding precision

- process integrity and safety

Feed precision:

+ 0.25%~ + 0.5% (continuous sampling 30 times under normal flow rate) according to the different characteristics of the material.

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