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Weight loss feeding system for color granulation

Introduction of the weight loss feeding system of the color granulation

This system is suitable for the continuous feeding of all kinds of color parent extrusion granulation. It is made up of raw material storehouse or ton bag station, storage bin, weightless feeding machine and collecting bin. The quality of color masterbatch is stable, the composition is uniform, and no color difference.

Characteristics of weight loss feeding of color granulation

1, continuous feeding accuracy, the accuracy can reach 0.2%-0.5%.

2. The environment is friendly. The independent storey of the raw material warehouse or the ton packing station is closed, and the silo and feeder are fully enclosed to reduce dust flying.

3. Special design has been made for storing silos and weightless charging machines for carbon black, which is suitable for metering transportation of extra light materials.

4. Optimized bin structure, no accumulation and independent exhaust passage design.

5. The operation is simple. A system manages the total quantity and ratio of the feed, and starts and stops with a key.

6, through the selected industrial 4 cards, the display and control will be placed in the cloud to carry out the management of big data.

7, realize the real-time monitoring, control, remote debugging and remote diagnosis of the production status through the electronic terminal (mobile phone, tablet, remote computer).

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