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vacuum feeding machine

At present, the use of vacuum feeding machine is still relatively common, mainly because of its characteristics, the use of the process will not cause "pressure" to the air, so for the feeding machine, its speed is dependent on what to achieve?

For each device has its own unique, for the vacuum feed machine is also very convenient to use, but in different fields, the demand for the speed and slowness of transport is sometimes different, then we rely on what to control the speed and slowness, and how to make sure it is working properly?

ince it is realized by the gas flow, so it is a need for a strong sensitivity, as long as a certain amount of atmospheric flow, can work, for the work of the feed machine is to rely on its own sensitivity to achieve the work, to want to move quickly, the sensitivity can be adjusted to a high point, even if very small large airflow can be perceived, can realize the material or particle transport process.

It is sensitive to airflow, using such a sensitive device with stainless steel tubes and hoses to carry materials or particles functions, in the entire process will not involve other power source problems, there will be no drilling pollution problems, vacuum feeder is also used by many manufacturers, some factories to produce high-altitude operation. Be used by the factory to produce, mainly because it will not need some special fuel, save resources.

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