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Method of using loss in weight feeder

1. The loss in weight feeder can not be placed on top of the machine when it is running, because it will burn out the motor because the pressure is too great. If there is, be sure to clean it up in time and start the machine again.

2. Some powder materials cause a large amount of dust to accumulate in the control box of the loss in weight feeder. In the long run, the internal circuit will be short-circuited and the electrical appliances and other parts will be damaged. Therefore, dust in the control box should be cleaned up every once in a while.

The main power of the loss in weight feeder is the motor. The speed of the motor is very high, so we should use the deceleration motor to decelerate when transferring the power. Be sure to check whether the motor and the deceleration motor are abnormal when used at ordinary times. And the interval time carries on the maintenance, adds gear oil on the reducer gear.

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